Get Hungry – The 2017 Chile Cheese Festival is Here

Chile Cheese Festival
It’s that time of the year again! Yep, you guessed it. It’s time for the Chile Cheese Festival on the Chaves County Courthouse lawn. This year’s festival will take place on Sept. 22 and 23, and it’s going to be full of all of the good smells and fun events... [read more]

Ruffles and Rust Expo Comes to Roswell

Ruffles and Rust Expo
You’ve been watching the Ruffles and Rust Expo travel from one city to the next, wondering when it would finally come to Roswell. The wait is almost over. The Ruffles and Rust Expo is coming to the Roswell Convention and Civic Center on Sept. 23. It will start at 9... [read more]

Don’t Miss the 2017 Dragonfly Festival

2017 Dragonfly Festival
The dragonfly is one of the oldest insects on the planet, and it’s also one of the largest. New Mexico is home to more than 100 species of dragonflies, and you can see almost all of those species at the 2017 Dragonfly Festival on Sept. 9 and 10. Don’t make... [read more]

Get on Your Feet for the Turtle Marathon 2017

Two Female Runners Finishing Turtle Marathon Race Together
Although the city of Roswell in New Mexico hosts different marathon and walk/run events throughout the year, one of the favorites is the Turtle Marathon 2017. This half and full marathon includes a 5K walk and run. If you enjoy participating in events such as this, sign up today. This... [read more]

Burger Joints You’ve Got to Visit in Roswell, NM

bacon cheese burger at burger joints
Whether meeting for lunch with a friend or taking the family out for dinner, Roswell, New Mexico, is home to some of the best burger joints in existence. Instead of going to a five-star restaurant, you can relax, have good conversation, and enjoy juicy burgers, including some with unique recipes. Big... [read more]

Best Places to Shop for Roswell Memorabilia

Best Places to Shop for Roswell Memorabilia
Looking for some awesome Roswell memorabilia to bring home, or maybe to just add to your collection? Check out these amazing local stores and museums. With so many places to visit, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone! To learn more and find your perfect destination, read below! International UFO... [read more]

Visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center

Flying saucer representing the International UFO Museum
With so much attention on the alien world, you have the opportunity to get information or just be entertained when visiting the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. Especially when you consider the event that happened in Roswell in July of 1947, your interest might be... [read more]

Head Out to the Western Frontier Gun Show This Month

Young bearded man posing for Western Frontier Gun Show
Are you looking for something different to do in Roswell, New Mexico? If so, head out to the Western Frontier Gun Show. Scheduled for Saturday, August 12th and Sunday, August 13th, this is something that people of all ages can enjoy, meaning you can take the entire family to enjoy... [read more]

Celebrate Old Lincoln Days in Ruidoso, NM

Are you looking for something fun that the whole family can enjoy, and you love Western history? If so, the 2017 Old Lincoln Days event is perfect. Starting on Friday, August 4th and going through Sunday, August 6th, this event is jam-packed with activities for everyone. A Weekend of Fun The 2017... [read more]

Amazing Food Trucks to Try in Roswell

young couple visiting food trucks
On the hunt for tasty cuisine? Look no further! There are various dining options available to you in Roswell, NM - like amazing food trucks with options that are sure to have your taste buds craving for more! Try out one of these food trucks the next time you're in... [read more]